Living Quality Life

We are a Wellness and Health Group, helping people of all age groups in improving their Health, Fitness and Wellness.

We are in the field of Wellness, Health and Fitness for over a period of 10 years. We have helped more than over 2000 plus people in improving in their Lifestyle Diseases, like Joint Pain including Knee Pain, Skin Pigmentation, Psoriasis, Blood Pressure problems, Arterial Blockages, Gynecological Problems and so on, with exclusively Natural Food and Nutrition.

We have been practically associated in “Wellness & Health” activities on the field for different age groups of men and women. We have achieved the much satisfactory “Wellness & Health” results including “Fitness and Energy Boost” for most of the people who had joined our “Coaching & Counseling”. Subsequently we have trained the groups to counsel and coach the others.